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1)  Disconnect or turn off the batteries

2)  Drop lower gear case

     (see Photo A)

Photo A

3)  Remove the air box and lower carburetor

     (see Photo B)

Photo B

5)  Remove upper shift arm bracket

     on the Port side of the engine

6)  Install the patented Shift Shaft

     upper arm assembly to your          existing bracket

     (See Photo D)

Photo D

7)  Insert the Shift Shaft rod.  Then 

     cotter pin to the Shift Shaft arm

    (See Photo E)

Photo E

4)  Saw off old shift rod underneath the 

     cowling just below the rubber seal

    (see Photo C)

8) Reinstall the lower gear case, being careful

    to align Shift Shaft's spline and water pick-up

9)  At this point, manually check for shifting in

     and out gears correctly

Photo C

10) Reinstall carburetor and air box

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