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1)  Disconnect or turn off the batteries

2)  Drop lower gear case

     (see Photo A)

Photo A

3)  Remove the air box and lower carburetor

     (see Photo B)

Photo B

4)  Saw off old shift rod underneath the 

     cowling just below the rubber seal

    (see Photo C)

Photo C

5)  Remove upper shift arm bracket

     on the Port side of the engine

6)  Install the patented Shift Shaft

     upper arm assembly to your          existing bracket

     (See Photo D)

Photo D

7)  Insert the Shift Shaft rod.  Then 

     cotter pin to the Shift Shaft arm

    (See Photo E)

Photo E

8) Reinstall the lower gear case, being careful

    to align Shift Shaft's spline and water pick-up

9)  At this point, manually check for shifting in

     and out gears correctly

10) Reinstall carburetor and air box

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