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Just want to say that this new shaft installation went great. Saved me hours of labor pulling the powerhead. Out to the water next weekend to see how she works. Thanks.

Brent D., Newberry, FL

I was very happy with how easy the shaft was to install. After I removed the upper arm assembly and split ring under old arm everything just flew together and was back on the water that evening. Thanks for saving me time and $$$$$

Jake E., Annapolis, MD

I’ve done this job twice before.  In both cases I had to heat the power head bolts to break them free and still sheared the heads off of several bolts.

The Shift Shaft saved at least 6 -7 hours and untold dollars. Total install time was 90 minutes. This included dropping lower unit and re-installing it. Big win.

Tony P., Wilmington, NC

We already installed the new Shift Shaft. It took less that an hour. It fit so well! Also we went out to sea for cruising. And gears worked well.

Shift Shaft is a really marvelous product!

Kai B., Espoo, Finland

Thank you Shift Shaft for an outstanding product and service.

The parts were easy to install and works great!

We will spread the word to the boating world!  

Big Wave Boat Rentals, Kill Devil Hills, NC 

I recently purchased a Shift Shaft for my 1993 Yamaha 150 outboard. I just wanted to let you know how glad I was/am to find your product. I have owned these motors for about 10 years and my mechanic always warned me that my shift shaft WAS going to bend or break and it would not be easy or probably even worth it to try to pull the powerhead as the bolts would all be seized. Well sure enough this spring the shaft on the port motor bent. While researching this I discovered your product. I am not a mechanic, but do a lot of the service myself so I am slightly mechanically inclined.

I was able to perform the entire removal and installation in about 2.5 - 3 hours.

I will say this, "ShiftShaft is the truth!"

Thank you for the awesome product.

Rob B., Manahawkin, NJ

WOW ! I just felt compelled to write to you all to let you know what a

great product this is and how easy it was to install. I saved hundreds

of $dollars and now I'll never have to replace that again.

Thanks for your quick response and shipping.

Ray S., Lecanto, FL

As a very experienced auto tech, I can easily see the benefit to your design; engine removal would likely be a nightmare at this point due to corroded fasteners and removal of all controls, etc. I highly recommend your product.

Ken G., Ashland, MA

I just wanted to write and let you know how well it worked. Very nice design. Installation went smoothly.

Thank you for all your efforts to get me the part before your trip. I appreciate it.

Drew L., Greenwich, CT

The part fit great and saved me a lot time…I was so happy you guys have a product like that… it saved me a lot of time it was worth every penny.  Thanks.

Rich B., Waretown, NJ

I cannot thank you enough for selling such an incredible product! The comment "The greatest thing since sliced bread " really comes to mind. I have worked in marinas, boat yards and military service since I was 14. Your product truly saved me many hours of work, I also didn't have to risk destroying my engine by attempting to remove the power head. I took my time and was done in less than three hours!

Your product is of high quality and value.

Thank you once again for your fantastic service and product!


John M., San Juan, PR


Worked out awesome, thanks so much for helping us!


Cavanaugh Machine Works, Long Beach, CA

Dear Shift Shaft,

…Thank you for your great invention and product. It worked great and saved me what would have been a huge head and heart ache for the boating season up here in New York.

Thank you again,

Greg E., Syosset, NY

I recently purchased a vintage 17 mako cc with a yamaha 130 Outboard.  So I was distraught the first time taking it off the trailer for a launch and I lost all shifting! Upon inspection it's the shifting rod that broke…I looked online and found Shift Shaft.  Your product was an easy install and saved the day! Beautiful craftsmanship and friendly service too!

Erich M., Warwick, RI


I wanted to thank you.  Great product!  I was able to complete this in a little over an hour.  You can change the shift rod without removing the carburetor…Of course I spent more time cleaning up the lower unit bolts etc. than actually installing the Shift Shaft.  Thanks again.

Jeff M., Ft. Myers, FL

Your Shift Shaft is truly a great example of American innovation and exceptionalism. It is a wonderful product.  

Rocky’s Marine, Petersburg, AK

Simply (and I mean simply) Amazing !   Took me about 20 mins to install – I did not remove the carb either. I already had the lower section off and the bracket removed before the SHIFT SHAFT arrived (around 11:00 AM.) I could have launched by noon – but had lunch first and am waiting for the tide to rise. I will be in the water within a few hours. Once again you are amazing and your SHIFT SHAFT is also. Thank you,

Paul S., Norwell, MA

If you would like to let other boaters know about this exciting new product, please email us. Please include your name, phone number and email address along with your testimonial. We will contact you before posting your comments on our website.  Shift Shaft will only use your email address to contact you regarding your testimonial. We will not sell your information to a third party. 

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